Ted DiBiase Recalls Working With Cameron Grimes In WWE NXT, Gives Triple H Credit – Wrestling Inc.

After 11 years of inactivity, Ted DiBiase’s famous Million Dollar Championship was revived during the summer of 2021. Its return was put into motion after “The Million Dollar Man” made a return to “WWE NXT” to begin a storyline with Cameron Grimes. Upon his own return to the show, Grimes bragged about the gigantic payout he received from investing in GameStop. This effectively made him the richest man in “NXT,” until DiBiase arrived, of course. During a recent episode of “Everybody’s Got A Pod,” DiBiase reflected on their work together. DiBiase first noted that Grimes legitimately made a lot of money from investing in the stock market. With Grimes’ real-life financial success story, WWE drafted up a plan for Grimes to begin acting like DiBiase, whose entire gimmick revolved around money.

“They had me come in and he goes and he buys this diamond bezel watch, this really nice, expensive Rolex,” DiBiase recalled. “And I come up behind him and I go, ‘Nice watch, kid.’ Then I hold up the diamond bezel watch and go, ‘But it’s not a million-dollar watch.’ I laugh and walk away. We did two or three weeks like that and it went a little longer than they anticipated because it got over.”

Amidst his return, DiBiase took notice of “NXT’s” executive producer at the time, Paul “Triple H” Leveque. DiBiase praised Levesque for working hard to move his way up in the corporate ranks.

“I watched a lot of guys that I saw potential in and eventually, they started moving them up and they’ve done well. And so, again, I give credit to ‘Triple H’ for a lot of hard work.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit “Everybody’s Got A Pod” with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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