Charly Arnolt Talks Potential Future Match With Zelina Vega – Wrestling Inc.

Despite the fact that she spent her tenure in WWE as a broadcaster, Charly Arnolt knows how to handle herself in a fight.

“I trained in Muay Thai when I was in college,” Arnolt told Jim Varsallone in a new interview. “I wasn’t so curious about it, it was just a function of getting in really good shape.” She said that she even got in a fight and won — which begs the question, why did the former Charly Caruso never step foot in a WWE ring?

“As far as WWE went, yeah there was an ongoing storyline with Zelina Vega, myself, Angel Garza, and it was a segment that a lot of people always enjoyed,” Arnolt recounted. According to her, backstage movers and shakers like Paul Heyman had plenty of feedback for the segments. 

“People always wanted more of that and it felt like we were always so close but we never got the payoff that would’ve made the storyline great,” Arnolt confessed, noting that it’s one of her former employer’s faults. “There’s a lot of storylines that get pushed 75% of the way. But then you don’t get that ultimate payoff that you’re looking for,” Arnolt explained.

She said that the former Queen’s Crown tournament winner was a fun partner on WWE programming and that she’s still open to the idea of someday finally having that match and finishing what the two started. She left WWE in May of last year and has since worked for ESPN, and most recently OutKick.

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