Deborah Roberts says Al Roker ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’

Deborah Roberts says her husband Al Roker is “sick and tired of being sick and tired” due to his his ongoing health issues.

“More than anything else — with his body fatigue — he just had a moment where he is sick and tired of being sick and tired,” she told us.

The “Today” anchor underwent surgery for his knee a second time recently. He’d previously battled blot clots in his leg and lungs.

Even though the weatherman is in high spirits Roberts, 62, admits she was still “nervous” about his health.

The couple have been married for 28 years and share two children.

“Of course I was a little nervous because everything is so precious right now… we’ve been through so much, but I’m really happy that he’s on the mend and he’s doing well,” Roberts told us.

Robin Roberts and her husband Al Roker on the set of the Today show.
Roberts says her husband is “sick and tired of being sick and tired.”
Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images

Roberts loves the support she receives from fans, but the author of “Lessons Learned and Cherished” says there is a downside to being a public figure.

One of them is that people know “your business.”

Al Roker walking in hospital with a nurse.
The “Today” anchor recently had to undergo knee surgery.

“One of the downfalls of fame and being on television is that everyone is in your business… it’s a little tough. But on the other hand, I’m walking around and people keep saying to me, ‘I’m thinking about Al,’ ‘I’m saying prayers for you’… ‘how’s your husband?’ More than anything else, I think it’s a nice support and it’s really uplifting to hear people’s thoughts.”

Deborah Roberts and Al Roker posing at a gala.
The couple have been married for 28 years.
CJ Rivera/Invision/AP

She added, “There are times I’m going for a jog and I am coming back and I’m having a moment to myself and someone will ask about Al, and I am like, ‘OK you took me back there.’ So yeah it comes with the territory.”

Robin Roberts in purple on left and Al Roker on the left in a suit smiling.
The ABC News anchor latest book is titled “Lessons Learned and Cherished.”
Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images

We spoke to Roberts recently when she attended the Gordon Parks Foundation Awards Dinner to honor Angela Davis, Amy Sherald, Clara Wu Tsai, Crystal McCrary, Raymond McGuire and Kate Clark Harris at Cipriani 42nd street.

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