Charles Barkley loses 62 pounds after taking weight-loss drug Mounjaro

The round mound of rebound is less rotund.

On an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” last week, Charles Barkley revealed that he is down over 60 pounds since he started taking the weight-loss drug Mounjaro.

“I started taking this drug called Mounjaro about six months ago,” Barkley said.

“It’s been amazing. My doctor, she is amazing. I know a lot of people take Ozempic, but my doctor prefers Mounjaro. I started at 352, and I’m down to 290.

“It’s been great, I’ve been starting to feel like a human being — not a fat-ass anymore. I want to lose — I can’t get to my playing weight, which was 250, but I’m gonna get to 270. My doctor told me, ‘There’s a lot of fat young people. There aren’t a lot of fat old people. They’re all dead!’”

Barkley, in his own special tone, stated matter-of-factly that he was on this weight loss journey because he wanted to remain alive.

“I gained a lot of weight when I got my new hips, and I was like, ‘Yo man, I want to be here,’” Barkley continued.

“I’m working out. I’m taking my shot once a week. Like I said, I’m gonna get down to 270.

“Man, I want to be here — I don’t want to leave all my money to my freeloading-ass family!”

Charles Barkley revealed that he has lost 62 pounds in six months after taking Mounjaro.
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Charles Barkley in November of 2022.
“I have zero idea what it does!” Barkley said about the drug he’s been taking.

Asked by McAfee about what the medicine is doing, and if it’s suppressing appetite, all Barkley could do was laugh.

“I have zero idea what it does!” Barkley admitted.

“I’m not gonna lie! I have zero idea. Everybody keeps asking me. [My doctor] did say that she wanted me to eat a little bit better, so I probably have been, but I got zero idea what the hell this drug does.”

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