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Walmart refused me a basic service at checkout – I threatened to call corporate

A WOMAN says she was refused a basic service at the Walmart self-checkout and threatened to call the corporate offices in order to get the correct price.

The incident happened while the shopper was at their local Walmart and was attempting to purchase an item that was ringing up as $39.99.


A woman says a Walmart employee refused to do a price match for her while she was at self-checkoutCredit: Getty

However, on the retailer’s website, the item was listed at $23.49 with the description, “sold and shipped by Walmart.”

The woman, known on TikTok as @__Top.Choice with more than 2,400 followers, claimed that an employee refused to price-match her item.

According to the customer, the employee didn’t do the price match because they said the item wasn’t sold and shipped by Walmart, which the woman tried to explain that it was.

The woman spoke to a supervisor, who told the employee to perform the price match, however, the two-part video shows the employee still refusing to do so.

In the video, the employee claimed that she was taught differently and didn’t know if she could do the price match.

“I’m not trying to get an attitude with you, I’m just telling you the way I was taught was different,” said the employee.

The two go back and forth as the employee tends to other customers and the shopper keeps asking for her price match.

In the second video, the customer claims that the employee tried to call security on her, however, the customer grabbed another employee who said she was in the right.

It was revealed that the employee apparently marked the item down as $2.49, which is why she wouldn’t perform the price check, however, the shopper tried to tell her that she was wrong.

The other employees were able to price-check the customer and the $23.49 price came up without an issue.

“I guess she’s mad for nothing,” said the customer. “I guess she needed more training.”

The video received thousands of views and several comments from people who agreed with the customer.

“If she didn’t know all she had to say was ‘one moment ma’am while I verify with my manager if I’m allowed to do that since I wasn’t taught this,'” wrote one person.

The customer replied, adding that the manager had told the employee to price match but she was “going against it.”

Another viewer said: “This happened to me, they ended up price-matching me. She tried to say that the price was at another Walmart. Nah, it was listed that price online.”

Others agreed that the employee needed more training.

“She needs to be retrained or fired,” wrote a viewer.

According to the Walmart website, the store will price-match items advertised on Walmart.com if an identical item was purchased in-store.

However, there are several limitations including that the item must be currently in-stock on the website at the time that the price match is requested and a supervisor must verify the price and availability of the item if the register prompts it.

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“Price match is not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico,” read the website.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Walmart for comment.

However, the customer seemed to refuse the price match in the video


However, the customer seemed to refuse the price match in the videoCredit: TikTok/_top.choice
The customer threatened to call corporate


The customer threatened to call corporateCredit: TikTok/_top.choice

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