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I’m a 5’8″ country girl – I rate myself a 6/10 but I’m looking for an older guy

A DECENTLY tall country girl has put herself out there online in the hopes of finding her older southern gentleman.

The 5’8″ woman rated herself a six out of ten, but gained interest from men who say it’s a nice “deal.”


Emma is a 5’8″ country girl who rates herself a six out of tenCredit: TikTok/emma009xxx
Her rating won't stop her from looking for her older guy


Her rating won’t stop her from looking for her older guyCredit: TikTok/emma009xxx

TikTok user Emma (@emma009xxx) enjoys showing off her body and personality in many of her videos.

In a TikTok video, she gave herself an honest review of her redeeming and not so redeeming features.

She also rattled off a list of stats that made her more or less qualified for the man of her dreams.

Not only was she honest, but she was also humorous in her dating pursuits.

When the video began, she sat in front of the camera and was visible from the chest up.

She wore a pink spaghetti strap crop top with a caution sign printed on it, no make-up, and her shoulder-length brown hair was wet.

“I’m not the prettiest girl in the world. A lot of you say I’m mid,” she said in the video.

The term “mid” basically means below-average or low quality.

“But if you’re going to date me, you would wake up to me wearing this on the weekend,” she added.

Emma emphasized her large bust and curvy shape.

She told viewers how she had long legs due to being 5’8″ tall and asked her potential male suitor to cuddle her and stay in bed all weekend with her.

“I’ll cook you some really great meals and bake you cookies and I’ll scratch your arms and back. Sound like a deal?” she said as the video came to a close.

The video received a mixed reaction from viewers with some interested and others confused.

“Deal,” a fan commented.

“Yeh something’s up,” a TikTok user chimed in.

“Too good to be true,” another added.

“Sounds great to me,” an admirer praised.

Some men were quick to comment that it's a ‘deal’


Some men were quick to comment that it’s a ‘deal’Credit: TikTok/emma009xxx

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