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I weigh 218 lbs and have DD boobs – I want women to know they’re already perfect

Summer is quickly approaching but one woman is not swayed by the warmer weather to lose weight.

Instead, she wanted to remind women that they’re perfect the way they are.


Heather, a body-positivity influencer, shared an uplifting message as weight loss ads rolled outCredit: TikTok/ heatherdeyoooo

Heather Moradeyo (@heatherdeyoooo), a mental health influencer, shared the body-positive video with over 250,000 TikTok followers.

As she pulled over clothes, she wanted to remind people not to be discouraged by the warmer season to feel like they needed to change themselves.

“Summer is around the corner and so are the weight loss ads,” she said.

“Here to remind you that this is what a 99kg body looks like. UK size 14. Double DDs,” she added.

“You’re perfect no matter where you are on your journey.”

Even with the try-on video, she was intentional with her choices.

“I wore white underwear to highlight my fupa,” she said.

“Something we’re told to do the opposite of,” she said, adding the hashtag #bodypositivity.

People took to the comments to thank her for the reminder.

“Weight looks different on everyone, we’re all beautiful and worthy!” said one commenter.

“No need to change anything! Thank you, Heather your vids always make me feel seen.”

“I wish I looked this good when I was 99kg,” said another.

She wanted to remind women that they're perfect no matter where they are on their journey


She wanted to remind women that they’re perfect no matter where they are on their journeyCredit: TikTok/ heatherdeyoooo

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