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I weigh 206 lbs. – trolls say I need to ‘cut’ but I just ignore them

A WOMAN has clapped back at trolls who tell her she needs to lose weight.

The body-positive influencer ignored trolls and instead focused on her own health goals.


Megan, a body positive content creator, clapped back at trolls who told her to lose weightCredit: TikTok/meganwilliamz

Megan (@meganwilliamz) shared the uplifting video with over 12,000 TikTok followers.

She responded to a comment that told her she needed to “cut”: “You were obviously 200 lbs and need to cut,” the troll said.

The brunette proudly showed off her body in a T-shirt and jeans, unfazed by the hater’s words.

“Well I’m 206 pounds and have no intention of cutting anytime soon,” she said.

Megan anticipated haters but she said she would never let them affect how she lives her life.

“It’s inevitable that people will criticize you, whether it’s about your looks, weight, or status,” she said.

“But the key is to focus on what helps you improve daily and ignore what anyone else says.

“Don’t let their words bring you down. I do what I can to improve my health daily, I weight train, run and bike daily, and also eat 150 grams of protein and lots of veggies.”

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her philosophy.

“You look amazing,” praised one commenter.

“I’m almost 190lbs and have no intentions of cutting either, I think bulking and cutting has gotten so toxic,” agreed another.

“Remember weight looks different on people,” said a third.

The 206 pound influencer said that she doesn't need to — she feels great


The 206 pound influencer said that she doesn’t need to — she feels greatCredit: TikTok/meganwilliamz

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