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I got a boob job but I want to go bigger – I regret listening to my plastic surgeon

A MODEL told how she hates her plastic surgeon – because he talked her into going for smaller boobs.

Jesse Switch, 34, went for 700cc implants and a lift to take her up to an incredible 38DD.


Jesse Switch has always dreamed of having massive boobsCredit: tiktok.com/@jesseswitch
Model Jesse told how her plastic surgeon talked her out of going for massive 900cc implants


Model Jesse told how her plastic surgeon talked her out of going for massive 900cc implantsCredit: tiktok.com/@jesseswitch
Jesse is now in talks to go back under the knife and go even bigger


Jesse is now in talks to go back under the knife and go even biggerCredit: tiktok.com/@jesseswitch
Jesse reckons she'll have fans no matter how bog her boobs get


Jesse reckons she’ll have fans no matter how bog her boobs getCredit: tiktok.com/@jesseswitch

But she revealed she’d always dreamed of going bigger with her boob job and wants more.

So she’s now considering going under the knife again to get 900cc implants next year.

On her Tiktok page, Jesse said: “Like most people who get breast implants my biggest regret is that I didn’t go bigger.

“I don’t f**k with the surgeon that I picked.

“But part of why I don’t like him is because he talked me into a smaller size than what I actually wanted. So I just want to get what I wanted.”

Content creator Jesse openly talks about her boob jobs with her fans on social media.

And she revealed why she’s obsessed with getting the biggest breasts she can possibly have.

Jesse said: “I just like huge cans. It’s really not that deep. There isn’t a more meaningful story.

“I just want to be a milk truck baby.”

Jesse, from Alberta, Canada, worked in a series of minimum wage jobs, including a debt collector at a call centre.

She struggled to make ends meet and lived in her mum’s basement.

In 2018 her full-time job was painting houses but she signed up with OnlyFans to make some extra cash.

Her popularity exploded and the side hustle became her full-time job two years later. She’s since made more than £1milion from the racy site.

Now she’s banking roughly £65,000 a month and was able to give her mum a job as well as buying her a new £293,000 house.

Jesse likes to build a connection with fans and is always up for giving them an insight into her unusual life.

She said she has no fears about losing subscribers if she boosts her boobs and thinks of her own happiness first.

Jesse said: “I’ve had lots of people come and go based on me moving outside of their preferences, as they should. 

“But I still have to live in this body when the cameras are off so I choose what I like and then find like-minded folks after.”

Jesse reckons she’ll always be able to find fans and make a decent wage no matter her shape.

She added: “There will always be people who stop supporting but it won’t actually impact my income. 

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“I’ve had a 100lb weight fluctuation since I started. I’ve had long hair, short hair, dark, light hair.  “I’ve been natural and plastic. I’ve been skinny, fat. 

“It doesn’t matter what I do because I know how to target an audience that likes  whatever it is I’m working with.”

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