Superman & Lois Shocker: Did Clark Really Just Do That? And What’s Next?

The last horse finally crossed the finish line on Tuesday’s Superman & Lois. And by that, I mean every character from the show’s original cast now knows Clark’s big secret.

Already suspicious that someone with superpowers was living in Smallville, Kyle became fully convinced after Sarah and George Jr. emerged from a nasty car accident completely unscathed. A clumsy description of their savior led Kyle to believe that Jonathan was the local superhero (so close!), so he marched over to the Kents’ farm for confirmation.

But Kyle couldn’t have shown up at a worse time, as Clark needed to make a quick exit to save Lois from Peia, who regained her strength thanks to Mateo sneaking her a dose of the cure. Kyle refused to back down, so Clark did what he had to, shooting into the sky to save the day — exposure be damned.

So here’s the million-dollar question: What the heck happens next? Will Kyle become a thorn in Superman’s side now that he knows his identity? Will he become furious upon discovering that his ex-wife, daughter and girlfriend have been keeping the truth from him? I think we can all agree that with Lex Luthor’s arrival fast approaching, the last thing we need is a loose cannon with a secret.

In other, better news… Lois officially rang her cancer bell this week, Chrissy stood up for Lana’s mayoral and parenting skills after Sarah’s arrest, and Jonathan and Candice reunited after an agonizing month apart.

Your thoughts on this week’s revealing episode of Superman & Lois? Your hopes for the end of the season (but hopefully not the series)? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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