‘Jeopardy!’: Fans React to Triple Stumper Final Jeopardy by Thanking Taylor Swift

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the May 23 episode of Jeopardy!]

2-day Jeopardy! champion Diandra D’Alessio had to contend with C-17 loadmaster Nathan Dennis and technical writer Ilhana Redzovic to continue her streak and increase her $15,700 total.

However, both competitors dominated most of the game, making the champ’s continuing streak harder to keep than anticipated after a literary-related triple stumper during Final Jeopardy.

Heading into Double Jeopardy “after a word from our sponsors,” as host Mayim Bialik noted, Diandra had $2,000, Ilhana at $6,800, and Nathan with $2,600. Ilhana scored a true Daily Double beforehand, edging her into the lead before the second round. However, when Nathan scored the second Daily Double of the game, he added $1,356 to his total of $7,400, putting him in second place behind Ilhana.

His lead was short-lived, though, as Ilhana was able to correctly answer the third Daily Double to secure her lead going into Final Jeopardy. The score was $21,000 in her favor, $10,756 for Nathan, and Diandra with $7,200.

The following clue was in the “Literary Groups” category: “Windermere, Thirlmere & Grasmere are 3 of the sites that helped give a 19th-century literary group this name.”

Everyone answered incorrectly, which means it came down to how much everyone wagered. Nathan bets $3,745, which wouldn’t have been enough to sinch a win anyway, against Ilhana’s low bet of $600 to win $20,400 and the game.

“Congrats to the new queen haha! She almost had a runaway on her first session 😳,” one Jeopardy! subreddit user said.

But folks on Twitter who got the answer correct, what is the Lake Poets, couldn’t help but thank Taylor Swift for the correct answer. In her eighth studio album “folklore,” she has a lyric in the song ‘the lakes’ that state, “Take me to the Lakes where all the poets went to die.”

“None of the contestants got Final #Jeopardy tonight, but I bet all the Swifties did!! #TakeMeToTheLakes #Swifties #TSErasTour,” one user tweeted.

“Did I just know final Jeopardy because of The Lakes by @taylorswift13?! Yes I did. Aren’t you proud @taylornation13,” another tweeted.

Take a look at the reactions below and let us know if being a Swifty worked out for you as well in tonight’s game in the comments below.

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