Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Did a Shocking Act of Violence Just Kill [Spoiler]?

As if there was ever a dull moment on Grey’s Anatomy! In Thursday’s Kim Raver-directed episode, as Addison and Bailey welcomed their new OB/GYN trainees to the hospital, storm clouds gathered outside in the form of protesters opposed to the work of the reproductive-rights clinic. And to register their displeasure, the anti-abortion contingent was willing to go to pretty much any extreme. How dire a situation did the first hour of the two-parter leave us in? Read on…

‘I’VE SEEN THE DESPERATION, I’VE SEEN THE PAIN, I’VE SEEN THE LIVES LOST’ | As “Training Day” began, Bailey coaxed Pru to brush her teeth (with “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”), Trey FaceTimed Simone to make wedding plans (no, Griffith; just no), and Owen reveled in the fact that he could once again play doctor without supervision. Wasting no time, he ordered everything in trauma reverted back to his m.o., not Winston’s (even though Winston had bought everyone lunch on Fridays). Meanwhile, the residents groused about the fact that Lucas had forgotten to pay the gas bill — no hot water at Mer’s former house; painful. After Addison arrived on the scene, newly extra (in)famous after a Chicago Tribune article, she, Bailey and Jo welcomed their out-of-state advocacy fellows. At the same time, Maggie urged a young woman named Jessica to accept a lung transplant over a two-lung transplant that wasn’t available, owing to the fact that she’d been waiting for two years to breathe easy. All the while, protesters grew louder and rowdier outside the hospital’s doors.

Post-first commercial break, a guy named Ryan was ambulanced in with blunt force trauma to the chest. (Welcome back, Hunt.) Turned out, Ryan was Jessica’s boyfriend and supposed to donate that much-needed lung to her. At the rate that his condition was declining, though, he might soon have two available, it seemed. Oh dear — it was his lungs that had been injured. Scratch that, then. Alone with Maggie, Nick admitted that he had told Mer that he loved her and she’d pretended that she hadn’t heard him. “She’s complicated,” Pierce said. Mm, that’s one way to put it. While Maggie rode Lucas hard over his prioritizing household issues, Amelia offered him no help. Scrubbing in for surgery, Jules invited Simone to shower at her place. In the O.R., Winston threw a Hail Mary to save Ryan’s lung for later transplant; all the patient had to do was, uh, live. Outside, Lucas confided in Nick how lost he was since Mer had left. He wanted to think that he was there because of his own merits, but… erm. In response, Nick reassured Shep that Mer wouldn’t have accepted him to the program out of sentimentality.

‘YOU MADE ME A PLAYLIST… FOR MY ABORTION?’ | Thanks to the protesters, security wanted to close the clinic. “Stay open, call for backup,” Teddy told Bailey and Addison. Nearby, Mika and Blue treated a young woman who had come in for an abortion. With her: her BFF, who was also pregnant and wanted to be. As Addison marveled at the excellence of the OB/GYN trainees, Bailey encouraged her to come back for monthly sessions. Just then, a brick came flying through the window and knocked Blue to the ground, bleeding! (“Montgomery murders” was written on it.) While Mika was treating Blue, one of the trainees admitted that she’d posted on social media about her plans for the day. She was mortified that she had accidentally directed protesters to Addison and the clinic. Seeing the direction in which the day was going, Bailey explained to the young doctors that the clinic was named after her mom and, like her mom had, they had to help each other up. Just then, the young woman having an abortion announced that her friend’s water had broken.

Shortly, Bailey found Addison crying in a supply closet. “I got a bulletproof vest,” Montgomery admitted. “Clinics are being set on fire… ” Acid is being thrown at doctors. Addison’s cellphone number has been put online. Her family has been terrorized. But “I’m not gonna quit,” Addison assured Miranda. How she was going to go on, however, remained a big question mark. Understandably, she was not doing well. Teddy was large and in charge, however. As clinic patients flooded the hospital since they were unable to get into the clinic, she said that no, they were not closing the ER. As the protesters grew ever louder, the woman in labor became ever more panicked. Bailey calmed her by singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” (What doesn’t that work for? It soon became a full-on sing-along!) Overhearing from the supply closet, Addison appeared to be buoyed. So much so that she pitched in to deliver the baby, who was momentarily stuck.

greys anatomy recap season 19 episode 11 training day ‘CAN YOU PLEASE QUIET YOUR VOICES SO I CAN HEAR THE ONE IN MY HEAD?’ | As the hour drew to a close, Jessica asked Lucas if she could stick around post-discharge so that she could see Ryan when he came out of surgery. Not only could she, she recalled aloud to him their first kiss. “You changed my life in an instant,” she told him. (How awkward for Simone standing there with Lucas.) Richard congratulated Teddy on making it through a challenging day. Lucas shared a brainstorm with Nick that might help Jessica. In turn, Marsh revealed that he had needed help to become a good doctor, too. He even showed Lucas how to present a case to Maggie in a better way. Between surgeries, Simone told Trey that she wanted to get married asap — like next month, so that her grandma could attend. Owen encouraged Winston not to change specialties after seeing what he pulled off in the O.R. that day. Finally, as the hospital staff was led out by security, the pregnant OB/GYN trainee and Addison were struck by a protester’s car as they talked.

What did you think of “Training Day”? It’s sure to perturb at least some viewers, but hasn’t the show always reflected real issues in the real world? And shouldn’t it reflect real issues in the real world?

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