27 Best Pop Culture Father’s Day Gifts: ‘Yellowstone’ to ‘Star Wars’

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Father’s Day may seem far away, but it’s only just around the corner.

The annual day to celebrate dads falls on June 18 this year, just over three weeks away. Now is about that point where you begin to realize you don’t have a gift.

That’s where we come in.

Is your dad a lover of pop culture? Star Wars, Marvel, all of it? Is he also kind of sad that Ted Lasso is likely over for good and that we’ll never watch a new episode of Succession again? Does he watch a lot of movies and stream new shows all the time?

We put together a guide to the best gifts for pop culture-loving pops, with books, clothing, accessories, and more relating to some of the most popular “Dad fandoms.”

Keep reading for 27 of our favorite Father’s Day picks for even the most pop-culture-obsessed pops.


Photo: SalvageMeVintage/Etsy

Personalize this gift for your Star Wars loving dad by including up to six lightsabers with all of his kids’ names.


woke up this morning book cover
Photo: Amazon

Inspired by their Talking Sopranos rewatch podcast, The Sopranos cast members Michael Imperioli (Christopher Moltisanti) and Steve Schirripa (Bobby Baccalieri) collaborated on Woke Up This Morning. The book features untold stories from set and interviews with cast, crew, and more.


yellowstone lodge cast iron pan
Photo: Amazon

The bottom of this sturdy cast iron skillet features the Dutton Ranch logo from the popular series Yellowstone.


rsvlts finding nemo button down
Photo: ShopDisney

This soft and stretchy shirt features an all-over print inspired by the “Mine!” seagulls from Pixar’s Finding Nemo.

And young sons can be the Nemo to Dad’s Marlin with a matching shirt in his size.


marvel commuter cup
Photo: Corkcicle

For dads on the go, this Spider-Man printed travel thermos is perfect. It keeps drinks hot for 5 hours and cold for 18 hours.


hot ones season 20 hot ones trio
Photo: Amazon

If your dad likes watching Hot Ones, simulate the game in your own home with this pack that includes The Last Dab.

First We Feast also released a Truth or Dab card game that comes with 250 question cards and a bottle of The Last Dab.


avengers fathers day pop up card
Photo: Lovepop

Spice up your card game with a fun superhero-inspired pop up card.


forking good cookbook
Photo: Amazon

With recipes like “Macaroni and Socra-cheese,” “I Think Therefore I Clam (Chowder),” and “I Kant Believe It’s Not Buttermilk Pancakes,” this cookbook uses food to teach philosophical concepts like you’re Eleanor and Chidi’s lectures are hard to follow.


best dad in the galaxy t-shirt
Photo: Amazon

Is your Dad the best in the galaxy? Get him this shirt so he knows it.


Photo: KivcoDesigns/Etsy

Dads of little ones are definitely aware of Australian national treasure Bluey at this point. And anyone who watches it knows that Bluey’s dad Bandit is one of the good ones.


roy kent fathers day card
Photo: Lovepop

If your Ted Lasso-loving dad can relate to Roy Kent and his favorite word, this is the card for him.


spider-man amazing dad t-shirt
Photo: Amazon

Get this comic-book inspired Spider-Man T-shirt for your Amazing Dad.


Fill In FIlmography Poster
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Start a new movie journey with Dad. This poster has 1,500 movies broken down into genres, sub-genres, and sub-sub-genres. For example, if “thriller” is the primary genre, the poster breaks that down further into “crime,” and then even further with themes like “gangster,” and then inside that box, a smaller box for movies with a “mafia” theme, like The Godfather. After you watch a movie, mark it as “loved it,” “liked it,” or just “watched it.” 


mandalorian travel mug
Photo: ShopDisney

Your Star Wars loving dad will love this travel mug, which holds 12 oz. of coffee or any other beverage he might like.


the office pop up card
Photo: Lovepop

If your dad’s not really a mug guy, but he is a The Office guy, get him this card.


the sopranos family cookbook
Photo: Amazon

If your dad loves The Sopranos and cooking, this is the perfect combination gift. Full of recipes from Tony and Carmela Soprano’s kitchen, the book also includes fun Sopranos artifacts like the first Bucco’s Vesuvio’s menu from 1926, AJ’s school essay on “Why I Like Food,” and Bobby Bacala’s style tips for big eaters.


top gun tshirt
Photo: Target

Top Gun still has a place in the pantheon of Dad Movies even after 37 years. Does your dad feel the need for speed?


star wars trilogys end button down shirt
Photo: ShopDisney

This bold button down uses a red and black Imperial color scheme on a pattern of images inspired by Return of the Jedi.


the lord of the rings chess set
Photo: WB Shop

If you want to splurge on your dad this year, consider this chess set. It comes with 32 playing pieces inspired by the movie characters, with likenesses incredibly accurate to the actors. It also features a detailed 3D map of Middle Earth set below the plexiglass playing surface.


afc richmond nike jersey
Photo: Nike

Nike sells replica jerseys identical to the ones actually worn on Ted Lasso season 3. If your dad’s favorite soccer team is AFC Richmond, this is for him.


Photo: TudorSign/Etsy

This combines two Dad staples: grilling and a great pun. These are customizable, so the bottom quote line can be changed per your request.


game of thrones cufflinks
Photo: WB Shop

With these cufflinks, he can show off his Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon fandom in a subtle way.


the office scranton memorabilia phone case
Photo: Casetify

Whether your dad has an iPhone, Android, or Google Pixel, you can get him this case, which is covered in The Office references.


galactic fleet apron
Photo: Hedley & Bennett

With plenty of pockets and a utility loop, adjustable neck strap and waist ties, get your dad something equal parts nerdy and practical. Hedley & Bennett’s aprons are a favorite of professional chefs and even used on Top Chef! This one is printed with schematics for a galactic fleet.


Photo: EverydayMugsDepot/Etsy

Your dad may not be able to order “Tea. Earl grey. Hot,” from the replicator, but he can still drink it out of this mug.


yellowstone cologne
Photo: Amazon

Tru Western makes the official fragrances of Yellowstone and the Ride variant is inspired by character Rip Wheeler with notes of raw bergamot, crisp clary sage, smoked whiskey, charred vanilla and rough cut tobacco.


mickey mouse waffle maker
Photo: Home Depot

Turn weekend breakfasts into mornings to remember with this double waffle maker that can make up to six Mickey waffles at once.

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