Entitled Son Of Putin’s Press Secretary Pranked By Fake Mobilization Call

Russia’s own version of Fortunate Son. Naturally, none of Putin’s cronies would ever dream of having their sons sent to fight in Ukraine. It just wouldn’t happen.The fake phone call came from a livestream of Popular Politics, a YouTube channel linked to the team of Putin foe Alexei Navalny.

Source: Daily Mail

The son of a top Kremlin official revealed in a prank call that he had no intention of being called up for Vladimir Putin’s war mobilisation.

Nikolay Peskov, 32, son of the president’s spin-doctor and war spokesman Dmitry Peskov, believed he was talking to a military call-up officer.

He fell for the phone sting and made clear he would pull strings in the Kremlin so he did not have to obey the mobilisation order.

The call evidently showed that the entitled sons of the Russian political elite do not expect to be sent to the front, unlike hundreds of thousands of other Russians from ordinary backgrounds who will get no exemptions.

He received a fake call on livestream Popular Politics, a channel linked to the team of Putin foe Alexei Navalny.

The phone call was made by the channel’s presenter Dmitry Nizovstev, who told Peskov junior that he was Major Anton Matrynov, from a Moscow conscription office.

‘Hello. Let’s not hang up, like last time,’ said the pretend officer. ‘Why are you calling me…?’

‘Because Mr. Peskov… we’ve sent you a conscription today via electronic way as well,’ said the prankster. ‘But you didn’t reply yet.’

‘There is a contact number you should call and come tomorrow at 10am to the military office,’ they went on. ‘Why didn’t you call back and will you come to the military office tomorrow? We’re waiting for you at 10am.’

The son of the Putin senior official replied bluntly: ‘Naturally I will not be there at 10am. You must understand I am Mr Peskov. It’s not quite right for me to be there [at the conscription office].

‘To cut it short, I’ll be sorting this out at another level. I’ve got to understand what and how I should be doing.’

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