Cedric Bixler-Zavala Reacts to Danny Masterson’s Rape Conviction

The Mars Volta’s Cedric Bixler-Zavala, whose wife was among the four women who accused Danny Masterson of sexual assault, reacted to the That 70’s Show actor’s conviction Wednesday on two counts of rape in a series of social media posts.

Bixler-Zavala and his wife Chrissie Carnell-Bixler — both former Scientologists — have long accused the Church of Scientology of persistent harassment for pursuing justice against Masterson, a prominent Scientologist.

“In case you’ve sleeping under a fucking rock placed there by scientology,” Bixler-Zavala wrote in the caption of an Instagram post announcing Masterson’s guilty verdict. “My wife and the survivors did the unthinkable. Go ahead and send her love. She needs it.”

In a since-deleted Instagram post (via Stereogum), Bixler-Zavala warned, “I’ll be making a list of all Danny’s helpers and rape apologists to show all of you why women don’t report rape. We fucking told you. God bless the women that stood up to him and his shitty fucking family. Fuck Scientology. Rot in jail Danny. God bless my wife. True fucking warrior.”

In 2019, in addition to the criminal charges against Masterson, Bixler-Zavala, Carnell-Bixler, and the other Jane Doe victims filed a civil lawsuit against the actor and the Church of Scientology, alleging they were “systematically stalked” after Carnell-Bixler came forward with her accusations of rape against Masterson.

Among their allegations: That church members staked out their homes, sent them threatening messages, and subjected them to everything from wiretapping to hacking and credit card fraud. Carnell-Bixler and Bixler-Zavala even claim Scientologists killed their dog.

Masterson — whose first rape trial ended in a mistrial — was found guilty of two of three counts of forcible rape Wednesday. Masterson faces up to 30 years in prison on the two convictions.

“The defendant drugs his victims to gain control. He does this to take away his victims’ ability to consent,” Deputy District Attorney Ariel Anson told the court during closing statements. “You don’t want to have sex? You don’t have a choice. The defendant makes that choice for these victims. And he does it over and over and over again.”

However, the jury was deadlocked on the allegations brought forth by Carnell-Bixler, and while they voted 8-4 in favor of guilty, Masterson ultimately eluded that charge.


“I thank the jury for its service, and while I’m encouraged that Danny Masterson will face some criminal punishment, I am devastated that he has dodged criminal accountability for his heinous conduct against me,” Carnell-Bixler said in a statement Wednesday. 

“Despite my disappointment in this outcome, I remain determined to secure justice, including in civil court, where I, along with my co-plaintiffs, will shine a light on how Scientology and other conspirators enabled and sought to cover up Masterson’s monstrous behavior.”

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