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FBI: Most Wanted Dropped A Big Reveal On Remy In Season 4 Finale, So Will His Actions Have Consequences In Season 5?

The fourth season of FBI: Most Wanted came to a close with a finale that finally revealed who killed Mikey, Remy‘s brother who was murdered a quarter of a century ago. The FBI agent got his answers at a cost and was left questioning himself by the end of the hour, but he also got a big reveal that allowed the episode (available streaming via Paramount+ subscription) to end on a slightly hopeful note despite all of the loss. So, let’s look at what Remy discovered and what kinds of consequences there could be in the already-ordered fifth season.

Remy Finally Got Answers About His Brother’s Death

After learning that the prosecutor on Mikey’s case all those years ago withheld information, Remy was ready to go all-out to solve the case, catch the real killer, and clear Davis‘ name, even if it was 25 years too late. He tracked down a witness who dropped some clues that his brother had been killed by one of his friends, and the plot only thickened with the reveal that a girlfriend by the name of Jenna had been in the mix. Mikey’s friend-turned-killer Benji was tipped off that the feds were finally on to him, and he became a fugitive for the task force to chase on the record. 

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