Bitcoin Bottom In? Weekly Chart for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by StackingCash

Hey everyone

Today i show you an idea about the Bitcoin weekly chart. The bearmarket bottom might was in already with all the bad news we had.

I hope everyone was buying in parts while we had cheap prices for a few months. Even if im wrong with this bottom and we go lower

its just a better buying opportunity. All you need is patience and you will get rewarded.

Of course we can have some random bad news or events that change the market directly but thats not predictable.

If you dont know what coins to buy for the upcoming bullrun in 2023/2024 here is my portfolio.




Fetch ai



Ocean Protocol

XRP Ripple


Some other positions aswell but this is the main focus and im very confident in these.

I expect this portfolio to 10x during the next bullrun.

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~Aurora Academy

No financial advice! Do your own research.

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