The farm sim series that started it all just teased two new games and one is multiplayer

Ahead of the main week of gaming showcases coming in June, game publisher Marvelous hosted its own showcase of announcements last week. I’m already quite excited to see the remake of my favorite Harvest Moon game coming this June as Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, but it turns out that’s not the only SoS game being cultivated. Marvelous announced that there are actually two more brand new Story of Seasons games in the works, and one of them is multiplayer. 

The first thing that Marvelous showed was footage of classically cute chickens, sheep, and a cow with a very chunky snout: one of the visual calling cards of classic Harvest Moon. You can spot seasons changing from spring to winter, some dogs playing, and sort of painterly and stylishly hazy 3D art. Marvelous says that the theme is “experiences.”

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