Jay Leno Says There’s Still a “Little Pain,” But He’s Doing “Alright” Months After Garage Fire, Motorcycle Incidents

Jay Leno is sharing an update on his recovery, months following a garage fire and motorcycle crash.

The former Tonight Show host recently told People Magazine that he’s doing “alright.” Adding, “I’ve got a broken collar bone and two broken ribs and a couple cracked knee caps, but I’m OK.”

In November 2022, Leno sustained third-degree burns in a garage fire. He was working on one of his vintage cars at the time of the incident. Months after, he said in an interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal that he suffered additional injuries when he got knocked off his motorcycle at the first of the year.

As he reflects on both incidents, he told the outlet that “they were just accidents.”

He continued, “Real people have accidents every day. When you’re in show business people fawn all over you. And if you start whining and complaining about it you’re a whiny, complaining actor. It’s better if you just make jokes about it and have fun.”

Since the first accident, the Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge judge has remained positive, previously saying, “If you joke about it, people laugh along with you.”

But Leno revealed that he’s still hurting some. “There’s a little pain, but it’s not bad,” he added. “Pain is constant, so if it’s constant you’re OK. Pain from a burn, after a while, you get used to it, and eventually, it goes away, but it’s not terrible.”

The comedian said throughout it all, his wife Mavis Leno has been supportive.

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