How to Solve the Light Pedestals Mystery Puzzle in One Piece Puzzle

Players of One Piece Odyssey will encounter the Dune Ruins, in which players must fill the pedestal with two light emblems to solve the puzzle.

One Piece Odyssey is a new JRPG based on the manga and anime of the same name. There are multiple puzzles throughout the game, and one of them is in the Dust Ruins of Chapter 3. In this chapter, players will have to solve the mystery of the light pedestals in order to progress.

One of the new games of 2023, One Piece Odyssey has players controlling the character of Monkey D. Luffy, along with a host of other characters from the One Piece franchise, particularly the Straw Hats. In this RPG, the Straw Hats have found themselves on the Island of Storms, which has magical properties. While there, a mysterious girl named Lim takes their powers to protect herself, and they must find their cubes to restore their powers.


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Finding the Missing Pieces for the Light Pedestals in One Piece Odyssey

Opening the Doors in the Light Pedestal Puzzle in One Piece Odyssey

As the party explores the Dust Ruins, they will come across an observation room. Within that room is a pedestal that has a holding spot for two emblems that appear missing. These are the two emblems that might be found before the players can progress. Go to the right toward a set of stairs that lead down.

This will take the player to the Mirror Room. After the player enters, there will be a cutscene. Luffy and the other characters of One Piece Odyssey will notice two doors, one with a pattern that looks like a gear and one that looks like an arrow. The gear door is the one to open first. Change the direction of the light beams by interacting with the base.

Flip the light beam immediately to the right of the player to hit the door with the gear. That door will open. Enter that hallway. Zoro can open the next door. In the next room, there is a bright circle to interact with. Do so and return to the main room. Go across the room toward where the arrow door is. Interact with the light path and turn it until it hits the broken object on the ground. Go back to the stairs and head all the way up to the roof.

Another cutscene will play, which should show a sparkling light on the ceiling. While it may add time to a playthrough of One Piece Odyssey, it is necessary to complete the puzzle. Return to the main observation room and interact with the switch in the middle of the room.

This will make the mirror and corridor room switched. Walk around the edge of the room to the back where there is a ramp onto the balcony. Follow it around. There might be a few typical One Piece Odyssey fights on the way. Once they arrive at the top, there will be a shiny emblem on the floor. Luffy will pick it up in a cutscene, but only if the characters already spotted it when they went to the roof to check. There are a few cube fragments and chests in here, so keep an eye out for them.

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Return to the mirror room. The mirror room is now also flipped, and the One Piece player characters must walk upstairs to get to it. The light that was moved earlier will now be able to open the arrow door. On the now ceiling of the room, Luffy can hit a switch that will move the light beam onto the arrow door and open it. Return to the observation room to flip the rooms one more time. This will allow the characters to walk through the arrow door.

The second emblem is waiting in the newly opened room. Be aware, taking the emblem will start a fight, so be prepared. Fight the creature that appears and return to the observation room. Once both emblems are placed on the pedestal, the puzzle has been solved.

Once the Light Pedestal Puzzle is finished, a cutscene will play and will reveal the next path for the company to take. More of the One Piece Odyssey story awaits the players who can solve the puzzle. Soon enough, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats will have their powers back at full potential and be able to handle every problem thrown at them.

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    One Piece Odyssey is an open-world RPG game from developer ILCA where players will play as iconic heroes and heroines from the One Piece Franchise. Set in the One Piece world with an original but canonical storyline, Odyssey sees the Straw Hat crew swallowed by a massive storm during their travels, leaving them stranded on a mysterious island and separated from one another. Odyssey will let players use unique character abilities to traverse the massive world to find treasures and solve unique puzzles. Combat acts as a fast-paced turn-based battle system where character placement can be a benefit or a detriment based on each character’s unique traits that remain faithful to the franchise. 


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