Pasadena investigators search for suspects and motive in Molotov cocktail crimes

PASADENA, Texas (KTRK) — Investigators are trying to figure out who is throwing Molotov cocktails around at an apartment complex in Pasadena.

There were at least three reports of this happening over the weekend, and one instance was caught on camera.

The video above is ABC13’s 24/7 Livestream.

It happened Saturday night in the Victoria Village Apartment parking lot at 1705 Jenkins Road.

On Wednesday, ABC13 learned that it was actually four devices that were thrown over the weekend. In the surveillance video sent to us, they appear to be crude Molotov cocktails.

The video shows a person running through the parking lot, throwing the device on the pavement before it burst into flames.

The Pasadena fire marshal said beyond finding who did it, they want to know why. It could just be kids getting into mischief during summer break, but they can’t rule out something more sinister. So far, no damage has been reported at the apartments.

“People act stupid around here. Yes, stupid,” Jason Jones, who has lived at the Victoria Village apartment complex for the past four months, said.

He said he’s not surprised to see surveillance video of what could mount up to be a third-degree felony.

No one was hurt, and there wasn’t any property damage, but Jones said it’s another example of criminal behavior he called common.

“This place is rough around here. Every single night, they got boom boxes, blunts big around as my finger – every single night,” Jones said.

You can’t clearly see the person running out of the frame after throwing the Molotov cocktail, but investigators said they’re looking at evidence left behind to figure out who they are. If identified, they could face charges for manufacturing an explosive weapon.

If you know or recognize the person in the video above, you are urged to call the Pasadena Fire Marshal’s Office at 713-477-1122.

Authorities say if they get a better description of the person, they will share it with the community as soon as possible.

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