Electric Cars with the Longest Driving Range, Ranked

The world is changing, and while gasoline-powered vehicles will continue to roam the streets for decades to come, federal emissions targets and eco-friendly consumers are pushing auto manufacturers to innovate. The result is a rapidly growing number of

new electric vehicles. And with new technology comes new designs, new features, and new challenges. So while EVs might be saddled by slow charge times, lower range, and higher curb weights than their gas counterparts, they also deliver instant torque and, in some cases, mind-boggling power. Though our love of the visceral, noise-producing cars of today is not likely to fade, the variety of new EVs brought to market makes it easy to get excited about tomorrow.

This list of the longest-range electric cars is limited to new models sold in America, ranked by their EPA combined driving range—from the shortest to the longest. To keep things simple, we’ve only listed the longest-range version of each given electric car. We also included each vehicle’s base price and EPA MPGe rating, the EV equivalent of miles per gallon. Although we haven’t tested each of the longest-range models under our own EV highway range testing procedure, we’ve provided the data where possible. But it is the driving range that tells you how practical an EV will be in daily use. Somewhere in this list might be the EV with the right range for you.


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